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Winter is upon us, and that means snow will soon be on the ground (if it’s not already), and it’s cold outside. But this winter, don’t let the cold and snow keep you from having fun! There are plenty of activities to enjoy in the wintertime – if you’re just willing to bundle up and head outdoors for a while. And if you’re stuck trying to find ideas, here are some winter activities to consider trying out.

  • Ice Skating: Ice skating is a classic winter activity that you can do at any age. Whether you’re looking to go ice skating with your kids, friends, or spouse/partner, there are plenty of options around the area. Many rinks offer family nights on their open skate days – so it’s easy to take advantage of this fun wintertime activity!
  • Sledding and Snowshoeing: If ice skating isn’t for you, another awesome option is sledding and snowshoeing. Both activities allow you to get out into nature while still enjoying some good old-fashioned fun in the snow. 
  • Cross-Country Skiing: Another great winter activity is cross-country skiing. This is a more involved sport that requires some skill to get the most out of, but if you take a few lessons, then it’s easy to learn and enjoy. (Check with your local rec center to see if lessons are available.) And if you’ve never tried it before, look to borrow or rent skis to ensure that you like it.
  • Downhill Skiing: If you’re looking for a more intense winter sport, then downhill skiing might be the one for you! This full-body workout will have your heart pumping in no time. This is another activity where lessons can be helpful, and most ski resorts rent equipment for beginners who are just starting out.
  • Snowboarding: Similar to downhill skiing – but even more extreme – is snowboarding. It’s another fun activity that gets your blood flowing and lets you enjoy being outside. Definitely take a few lessons if you’re a novice or have never skied before!
  • Build a Snowman: A classic winter activity that kids and adults alike will enjoy is building a snowman. This fun pastime can be done with some friends, family members, or even by yourself – if you’re so inclined. You don’t need anything fancy for this activity either; all you really need is snow and a few accessories to create your own work of art. (Of course, some hot cocoa for when you’re finished is always a good idea!)
  • Ice Fishing: Did you know that you can go fishing in the winter? You can! Ice fishing is a great winter activity. It does require a bit of patience and skill to get the most out of it, but it’s definitely worth trying if you’ve never done so before. (And some ice fishermen have shanties that can shelter you from the elements – if winter is still not your favorite season.)
  • Go Hiking: How about some winter hiking? This kind of exercise will get your muscles working, and it’s an excellent way to enjoy nature. You will need the proper gear for this – waterproof hiking boots and plenty of winter clothing to keep you warm, but it’s a great time of the year to enjoy the beauty of the woods.
  • Play Soccer In The Snow: If the kids are clambering to play outside, then bundle them up and grab a soccer ball. A game of snow soccer will have everyone breaking a sweat and enjoying the fresh air.

Don’t let the cold and snow keep you indoors when you could try a few of these winter activities. These activities can help pass the time as you wait for warmer temperatures and spring flowers!

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