Interesting Facts About Breinigsville

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Located in Lehigh County, Breinigsville is a homely and quaint town in Eastern Philadelphia. With just over 4,000 people living in Breinigsville, this area is ideal for those that are looking for a quiet and traditional living experience.

Here are some other unique and interesting facts about Breinigsville.

With one of the more unique names in Pennsylvania, Breinigsville got its name from George Ludwig Breinig. In 1749, Breinig came to Philadelphia as an immigrant from Germany on a ship called Lydia. After originally settling in Weisenberg, Breinig then purchased 100 acres of land in the area that is now known as Breinigsville. The original price for Breinigsville was just 700 pounds, which is sure a deal when you think about all that the town now has to offer!

LehighCountySealDuring his life in Breinig was an influential member of the town. He originally was a judge, but he was also a colonel during the Revolutionary War. Breinigsville has come a long way in the last 300 years, but we owe a lot to the start that Ludwig Breinig first created.

Breinigsville is also known for what was originally TEK Park Campus, a 137-acre plot created by AT&T in 1987. In the late 1990’s, TEK Park Campus became known as the world headquarters for optoelectronics created by Bell Labs. In 2012, TEK Park was sold to MRA Group. There is no surprise that this plot of land in Breinigsville is important for communication and electronic research.

Along with the technology in Breinigsville, the town has developed a strong economy dependent on agriculture and mining. There are a variety of different warehouses and distributors from large companies that are stationed in Breinigsville, including Home Depot, Olympus and ShopRite. All of these large corporations have a large impact on the economy and employ many of the citizens of Breinigsville.

Along with many of these large corporations, Breinigsville is known for supporting local businesses. There are a variety of vineyards and wineries throughout the town. In addition, Sam Adams has a large brewery in Breinigsville.

Breinigsville has also had it’s share of popular visitors over the years as well. In 2004, President George W. Bush stopped at the Home Town Diner in Breinigsville for a quick bite to eat. In addition, Rachel Ray and Regis Philbin came to Breinigsville to shoot an episode of their show, 30 Minute Meals.

For those that are looking to live in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania, but want to escape the bustling atmosphere of bigger cities like Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, Breinigsville has just what the doctor ordered.


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