Patio Must haves for Backyard Parties

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Patio Must haves for Backyard Parties

It’s summertime, which means it’s time to get the neighborhood or family over for some good old-fashioned backyard parties! Planning the perfect party doesn’t need to be stressful. Keep it simple with these basic guidelines, and you’re guaranteed to have a hit on your hands.

  1. Light up the night. Set up the ambiance with subtle lighting. With a few string lights, candles, or Tiki torches, you can turn your ordinary backyard into a fun space to entertain. This small, but important factor sets the mood for the entire party. You want to have enough light so people can easily see, but without the glaring overhead lighting that drowns out the evening buzz.
  2.  Keep the bugs away. Outdoor living is all the rage these days, but no one wants to go home with dozens of mosquito bites. Even a few bugs can shorten the lifespan of all of your party plans. Offer your guests bug spray, or Skin So Soft wipes to keep the pesky critters away. For extra protection, you can set up fans, bug repellent scents, candles, and zappers to keep all unwanted guests at bay.
  3.   Crank up the tunes. You have lighting and a bug-free zone, so now you just need the life of the party—music! You can have a simple stereo playing, or invest in a high tech surround sound; whatever suits your needs. If you entertain often, then it might be worth spending the extra money to install a surround sound system, but it’s not a must. Party guests will be happy as long as there’s something to dance to! As far as playlists go, you can hand select all of the songs and put them on a playlist, or you can set up a radio stream from Spotify or Pandora to keep the tunes rocking. Try and find a little something that everyone knows and likes. Make sure to include some feel-good party tunes like Michael Jackson or the Red Hot Chili Peppers, so everyone can sing along and have a good time.
  4. Have plenty of things to entertain the kids. Are little ones going to be joining you? If so, they are going to need some activities to keep them preoccupied so you can chat and relax. Kids love things like movies, pools, Frisbee or football. Set up a backyard movie projector and put pillows and blankets down on the grass for an at-home drive-in feel. The kids will love it, and mom and dad will enjoy having some adult time.
  5. Last, but definitely not least—have excellent food. It doesn’t have to be fancy food, just as long as it’s tasty. Burgers, hotdogs, wings, you name it. You don’t have to prepare it either. It may be better to buy a bucket of fried chicken and call it a day. Besides, you want to spend time with your friends, and not slaving in the kitchen or on the grill. Make it easy on yourself, and buy whatever it is that you need.

As long as there is plenty of food to go around, you’ll have a happy crowd. It doesn’t matter what it’s served on, just make sure there are some tables and chairs for people to enjoy it.

Great parties don’t have to be complicated. As long as you have great friends, fun music, and plenty of food, it will always be a hit.

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