Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas

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Date night is always fun, but have you found that it’s gotten a little stale lately? Ordering in takeout and watching the newest release on Netflix or Hulu can get to be a little boring after a while. 

So, what can you do if you want to have a date night at home and you want to change things up? Here are a few ideas that can help!

  • Learn to Cook: Instead of ordering in, why not try cooking together? You can grab some cookbooks and do it yourselves or take a class online. Delish shares “12 of the Best Online Cooking Classes You Can Start Learning From Right Now.” You might choose to learn from Gordon Ramsey!
  • At-Home Escape Room: Do you both love to work your brain and solve riddles and puzzles? Then doing an at-home escape room could be fun! Etsy has lots of them available to download, but this set created by Games Night Pro! actually has four escape rooms in it, and you can even screen share with friends.
  • Solve a Murder: If date night often involves watching the latest crime documentary on Netflix, then you might enjoy solving a murder at home. Hunt a Killer is a subscription box that turns you into detectives to solve a fictitious murder. It’s got quite the fan following, and there are several online groups you can join to get help if you find yourself stuck.
  • Spa Night: Yes, everyone can enjoy a spa night at home – because a bit of pampering is good for everyone. So, turn on the relaxing music, light the candles, grab a glass of bubbly, pick up all of your favorite spa treatments – and have some fun. You might grab:
    • Shower gel or bubble bath
    • Bath bombs or shower bombs
    • Body lotions
    • Face masks
    • Salt or sugar scrubs
    • Foot soaks
    • Eye masks
  • Game Night: Are you both a little competitive? Then how about a game night? Instead of dinner, make a bunch of appetizers and then sit down to play some fun games. Brides shares “20 of the Best Couple Games to Play During Date Night” – and there’s everything from trivia games to board games and more! You might even place a friendly wager if you’re confident you can win.
  • Take an Online Class: Taking a cooking class was mentioned above, but there are lots of other courses that you can take together. You could take a mixology class, or learn to dance, or even take an improv class! Do a quick Google search for something you both might like to do – and there’s probably a class for it!
  • Video Game Night: Take game night to the television by planning a video game night – even if it’s not really your thing! You can always buy a new video game – so that you have to learn how to play it together (and this levels the playing field so that no one has a big advantage). 
  • Learn Your Love Languages: Do you know each other’s love language? Gary Chapman wrote a book about it, and now you can take a couple’s quiz to learn what your love languages are. It’s a great way to strengthen your relationship and learn a little more about each other. 
  • Workout Together: If you both like to stay active and enjoy fitness, then workout together. Fitbod shares “15 At-Home Couple Workout Ideas” that you can try – or you can look up some videos on YouTube. 

Stay-at-home date nights don’t have to be takeout food and a movie! Try one of these ideas to switch things up – and have a lot of fun, too!

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