Want to Save Money on Your Groceries? Here Are Some Tips to Help!

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Have you created a budget to keep track of your expenses and plan for purchases? What do you notice about where your money is going? What’s your biggest expense? What surprises you when it comes to your budget?

You might be surprised – or even shocked – by how much you’re spending on groceries each month. 

You know exactly how much your rent is. You know the amount you pay for a car payment. But when you add up how much you spend on food – it can be surprising how significant it is.

According to One Main Financial, this is the average amount of money people spend on groceries per month:

  • 1 person – $175-$345
  • 2 persons – $350-$690
  • Family of Four – $675-$1340

Of course, you’ve got to eat – but there are some ways you can help save some money on your grocery bill. 

  • Download Some Apps: Yes, there are apps that can save you money with groceries. Start by downloading apps for your local supermarkets so you can watch for sales. Then take a look at these apps that can also offer savings:
    • Checkout 51
    • Ibotta
    • Coupons.com
    • Fetch Rewards
    • Rakuten
  • Plan Your Meals: Make a meal plan each week and stick to it. Then only shop for what you need so that you’re not picking up extra. Additionally, when meal planning, make sure you’re checking to see what’s on sale at your local grocer, so you’re getting the best deals – especially on proteins.
  • Create a List: Once your meals are planned, make a list of what you need. Shop according to the list – and avoid putting extras in your cart.
  • Bring Your Calculator: When you head to the grocery store, bring a calculator. (You probably have a calculator app on your phone.) As you pick up items, keep a running tally of what you’re spending – so you can stay within your budget. When you keep track of what you’re spending, you are more likely to avoid those impulse purchases.
  • Shop Your Pantry: When was the last time you took a good look at your pantry? Did you take an inventory of what you have? You probably have more in there than you know, so spend some time “shopping” your pantry. Plan meals around what you already have available to you as a means to save money.
  • Buy in Bulk: Is there a really good sale on something at your local grocery store? And do you use the product often? Then shop in bulk – providing you have room for it. Additionally, ask friends or family if they’d like to share bulk items with you. And always compare prices on bulk items – because sometimes they’re not as good a deal as they seem.
  • Purchase Generic Brands: Store labels or generic brands can save you money. And often, they are made by the same manufacturer as the name brand items – but because they don’t market them, they don’t cost as much. Of course, you may still have some name brands that you’re just not willing to skimp on – and that’s okay.
  • Buy Produce That’s In Season: If you love fresh produce, you know that it’s always better to buy it in season because it will taste better. But it will also be better for your budget. Produce that is in season is usually less money because there is more of it available at the moment.
  • Let Someone Shop for You: Your local grocery store may have a shopping service, and this service could actually save you money – because they will only buy what’s on your list. No extras mean no extra money spent.

Yes, you’ve got to eat, but you can save money when you go grocery shopping. Use these tips to save a few dollars, and maybe you can save up for something you really want!

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